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I really can’t understand why the phrase “Ignorance is Bliss” has circulated as long as it has when my experiences are more accurately supporting the phrase “Ignorance is Death”. In my previous post I stated that I was leaning toward a yes answer to this ever reoccurring question in my journey back to health and boy what a difference a few moments of reviewing information and research has on this decision!


I spent a whole day finding optimistic things to say and feel about taking chemo, but the next morning my reservations got the best of me and I started wondering how I could get my hands on some definitive research. Luckily for me, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center has this amaze balls cornucopia of knowledge readily available to its patients called The Learning Center. I’ve spent the better part of a year putting in heavy leg work researchwise online to find information that legitimately supported my past decisions before I was admitted as an M.D. Anderson patient November 2013. Now, I call the number where someone picks up on the first ring and tell them what I’m looking for. They then send me this information with an eagerness to send more if wanted all through the convenience and immediacy of email! I’m just blown away by the ease of it all.


More importantly, I was blown away by what was sent. I’m still waiting on snail mail to read my pathology report of final diagnosis to be absolutely sure but all of the research sent basically supports the decisions I’ve made. One document even flat out stated that there is “no evidence that supports the benefits of using chemotherapy” and “patients have been known to survive without reoccurring incidence through treatment by surgery alone”.

I want to point out that I had hit a wall on researching what I have online. Because my cancer is that rare, there was absolutely nothing I could find on it so I’m in awe that the information I was sent from M.D. Anderson’s learning center shows research going against chemotherapy’s use. It’s not my doctor’s fault though. The same reports state that chemo is M.D. Anderson’s approach to recommended treatment so I can’t be upset that she’s doing what she’s been taught. I think she’s going to be a little disappointed when I tell her the news since I semi committed to taking the therapy over the phone. Oh well. I’d rather the doctor be disappointed than my body be scarred for life so I find it to be more than a fair trade.


Second Puberty

I find it interesting that at 30 I look like I’m going through puberty. What I mean by this is I have pimples everywhere! My face, my chest, my back AND my arms. I only had them on my face the first time!

2013-05-01 11.47.48

As unfortunate a side effect as this detox symptom for Gerson is, this is a good sign that it’s working. Ok, so I don’t like looking like pizza face now but I know my body is expelling all of the unwanted and unnecessary toxins in it. I just hope I’m not mistaken as a kid for the entire duration of my recovery because of it. I’m already short, waif like and young looking. The pimples take it too far.

Contrary to popular female opinion, I’d rather not look like I’m in high school for the rest of my life. I’m not a teenager and this is not supposed to be a teenage experience. They are so foreign to me now. World’s away even and I’ve always been worried about not being taken seriously due to how I look. I’m thinking looking like one of my younger counterparts would make it that much easier for people to dismiss me all together. I just hope I’m wrong about that and wanted to point out a common healing reaction to treatment.

Another reaction is feeling EXTREMELY tired for no reason at all, which I encountered about a month back. It lasted for about 3 days and I had to drag ass to work through it (since I can’t eat if I’m not making food). I’ve struggled with depression for 15 years of my life and this reaction is very similar to having a horrible down swing of it. The kind where you just stare at the ceiling because you can’t will yourself to get out of bed. Luckily, my Mom, Sister and niece came by and really came through for me by helping me wash, chop and separate loads of vegetables to make things easier for me on those days. It’s interesting how little things like that can make you realize how much you love your family and how much they love you.

My beautiful Nana, Sister and Mother with me on Laela’s Wedding Day


And of course my gorgeous and talented niece Shasparay


I’ve been doing the Gerson Therapy for 3 months now and my Mom made the suggestion that I should start a blog which seemed like a great idea so here goes…

Something about Gerson that most people find daunting is the limited options they have to choose from for this lifestyle. Specifically, cutting out salt and processed sugar keeps most people from even wanting to try. To quote my Dad, “Some people would just rather die happy”. After being Pro Gerson for 3 months now, I can say I’ve gotten used to an unprocessed diet with no salt, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and I’ve learned how to make foods that make my taste buds and my body happy! If that’s not hope for someone else contemplating this route, I don’t know what is.

First, I loooove salt. So I was determined to find a food that was similarly flavored naturally and safe for me to eat. I’m finding that learning how to flavor foods with other foods instead of relying on an arsenal of spices is pretty important. Unfortunately, all but maybe 15 spices are on the Gerson No-No’s list.


chard (Photo credit: bec.w)

Luckily, I didn’t have to search too hard for my substitute since it was an ingredient in one of the juices I make. I was so excited when I realized that steamed chard stalks have a salt like profile! Sooo, if I want to add a bit of a salt-like flavor I can just steam some chard and that will usually do the trick! The key is to have enough on hand since it is used for my Green Drink bags, which is another subject for another time.