I just got through watching a commercial advertising a weight loss meal plan showing before and after pictures invariably showing the same person weighing at least 50 pounds less than their previous state. The first thought that popped in my head was that my first doctor told me that diet doesn’t have anything to do with your health. It’s curious this type of commercial will air frequently on television and even pop up at you online yet people believe what the doctor says regardless of what they’ve seen repeatedly in pictures just through advertisements.


Does this say more about the ineffectiveness of marketing or the gullibility and lack of basic recall ability in the minds of a scarily high percentage of the masses? I lean more toward the latter excuse because from what I’ve seen, we are easily led into buying highly marketed items like the latest Apple iPad.

Unfortunately, I’m being faced with the decision to do chemo again due to another tweak in my diagnosis and this time I’m leaning towards saying yes. I know that diet is an important factor. I also know that chemo is my best shot at surviving for a longer period of time than 3 years (2 if you factor in the past year I’ve spent dealing with my diagnosis). I’m guesstimating chemo as my best chance based on the limited research information I can find on the tweaked diagnosis update…go figure.

I’m just glad that I did wait because right now I’m as prepared as I can be to receive a seriously dangerous chemical into my body. I’ve been living organically, detoxing and treating my body right for a full year to prepare for the now 4 rounds of recommended treatment from a doctor I trust. This is a far cry from the originally recommended 12-16 rounds plus the pounds of flesh equal to one arm.

I need to spend a bit of time on finding research…again (hopefully I’ll be able to tap into those M.D. Anderson files since I’m tapped out in online resources). But, if chemo is what’s required I hope to defy some of those recurrence odds that are associated with the side effects of taking these recommended poisonous carcinogens by continuing my healthy lifestyle afterward. I certainly think it’s possible and am completely optimistic since there are so many things working in my favor at this time as opposed to last year when faced with the same decision.