I was out with my new beaux who happens to be vegan and we ran into a friend of his who is also vegan. One of the first questions he asked me was if I was one too. It took me a moment to stammer through an awkward explanation that I was eating a mostly organic plant-based diet. A few days later I realized I really need to be able to define my eating habits now that I’m not strictly adhering to The Gerson Therapy and I’m coming in contact with people who understand and live by the strict definition of veganism.

I never mentioned this on here but I stopped Gerson pretty much the day I went in for surgery. It wasn’t really my choice. The support just wasn’t there for me to continue through with it. I had been preparing my own meals, juices and enemas when I had two arms to work with. Surgery left me with a useless arm and completely depleted of energy for almost 2 months after so there was just no way I’d be able to do it on my own and there wasn’t a person in my life that was capable of making that commitment to assistance with my diet plan.

It was at this point that I realized I was going to have to rely on what I could find prepared and pre-packaged that was as healthy as possible. Many Amy’s frozen meals and soups got me through the next few months. I started craving fresh vegetables after I got a little better so I looked into the possibility of a personal chef. This turned out to be something way out of my budget but what I did find in my research was a semi local restaurant that provided a weekly food delivery service for low sodium, 100% plant based (vegan) diets called Veggytopia in Kyle, TX.


Finding Veggytopia lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. No, not everything is certified organic but their goal is to use mostly organic or locally grown so I felt this was my best option. At $135/week for 7 days of lunch and dinner options (including dessert) I couldn’t beat it! At first I thought I’d be disappointed with their food because of the lack of sodium but I must give the chef props because I’ve only gotten 1 dish I absolutely didn’t like and I’ve been using the service now since the beginning of November 2013. Oh, and I certainly can’t forget to mention that they just started nationwide delivery service which I know will be a godsend to anyone wanting to eat healthy that doesn’t have time or, like me, just cannot prepare meals for themselves. Btw if you decide to sign up through my referral please don’t forget to mention me so I can get a discount. These guys truly are amazing, affordable and you will not be disappointed.


The desserts are a nice touch but I have to admit the recently opened Capital City Bakery has them beat on vegan treats hands down, no contest! So if you’ve got a sweet tooth for baked goods, even if you’re not vegan, I highly recommend Capital City Bakery in Austin, TX. I’m pretty sure they also deliver nationwide. There’s no incentive for me to promote them so you know it has to be delicious.

Back to the subject at hand, even though I find myself grazing on vegan options by the luck of the draw I still don’t consider myself vegan. I still use honey in my tea and will satisfy a craving for eggs here and there as long as they are farm raised. Plus, I don’t mind wearing leather so I can’t say I’m committed to the fringe lifestyle choice by any means. I’ve also continued to juice and do periodic coffee breaks as a detox method so I feel I’ve combined the best of a few dietary and lifestyle choices that boils down to a recipe for my personal optimum health. I wish there was a name for what I’m doing. Who knows, maybe I’ll coin a term at some point. Opti-vore has a nice sound to it. Then again if I stated I was a detoxing vegan-ish juicer I think I’d get just as many blank stares from people thinking I was trying to kick a strange drug habit.